Top 9 eye care questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. "Why does the lens stick to my finger and not my eye?"
Lenses are part water and are attracted to wet things. Before handling contacts, be sure to wipe any moisture off your hands with a clean, lint-free towel. If your fingertips are dry the lens will easily go from your finger onto the moist surface of your eye. Remember: keep your lenses wet and your finger dry. Your eye care professional can help develop the best technique for you.

2. "Do I have to put the lens exactly in the middle of my eye?"
A lens wonít fit or feel right if it isnít centered. The good news is that the shape of your eye and the lens match so closely that even if you put it in off-center, it usually slides into place by itself.

3. "Can I sleep with my contact lenses?"
Lens materials vary, so ask your eye care professional about the optimum wearing schedule for you.

4. "My eyes tend to burn after working on my computer for a few hours. What can I do about this?"
This phenomenon is called CVS; Computer Vision Syndrome. Computer images are made up of a thousand little dots, so itís very strenuous for the eye muscle to follow the dots. You also blink less, so you get dry and red eyes, headaches and neck aches. Make sure you take frequent breaks and try OPTI-FREE 100® Rewetting Drops to rewet and refresh your eyes during the day.

5. "Iíve seen people clean lenses in their mouth, Is this safe?"
Absolutely not! You should always follow the cleaning and disinfecting directions on your solution. Our 120ml travel size makes it easy to take OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS with you everywhere.

6. "Can I swim with contact lenses?"
To be safe, do not wear your lenses while swimming.

7. "What should I do if dirt or dust blows into my eye?"
You need to take extreme care. Remove your lenses immediately and disinfect them according to directions. You should rinse your eye under running water or in an eye bath. Once you have removed all foreign particles you can safely put your clean contact lens back in.

8. "Where can I buy OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS?"
Most opticians, some pharmacies and supermarkets stock our solutions.